My name is Clair Ames and I am the owner of ShingleElevator.com.  I have been in the home construction business since 1969.  After years of packing bundles of shingles up the ladder, I decided there had to be a better way.  I had tried having lumberyards deliver them to the roof top with their big trucks and elevator, but it seemed like you were either waiting for the truck to get there, or they showed up before you were ready for the shingles.  There were several times the heavy delivery truck got stuck in the mud or they couldn't get close enough to the house to make a roof top delivery.  Another time, they drove over my customers' sidewalk and broke it!  There were portable shingle lifts on the market, but they were too expensive and too heavy.  

Most of them had a gas engine that, knowing my luck, would not start when I needed it and a scary looking brake that looked like an accident waiting to happen!  They also had to be assembled and disassembled every time you wanted to use them, so they weren't really going to save me any time. Finally in 1996, I came up with an idea for a lightweight, portable shingle elevator that didn't cost an arm & a leg and didn't have to be assembled and disassembled every time you wanted to use it.  I built one and immediately put it to work.  

It put thousands of shingle bundles on the roofs over the next few years, until I retired from the construction business in 2006.  After being told a gazillion times I should manufacture and sell these shingle elevators, I decided to take everyone's advice and start making them.
 In early 2007, I built a production prototype and let a local professional roofing contractor use it for the entire season.  I received his input on design improvements and fine tuned the design.  By the end of 2007, I started tooling up for production of the ShingleElevator and started selling them in April of 2008. 

Finally, a lightweight, easy to use ShingleElevator that is affordable to ALL roofing contractors, lumberyards and rental stores.