"I purchased a 2 Story ShingleElevator 3 months ago and it has already paid for itself many times over!  My crew is now installing 3 roofs a day averaging between 200-250 bundles. Before the ShingleElevator, I used a TranzSporter brand shingle lift. Weighing in at over 300 lbs. compared to the ShingleElevator's 115 lbs. and having to assemble the TranzSporter and disassemble it every time we used it, it was just as fast to carry the shingles up the ladder.  With no assembly required on the ShingleElevator, I can have 20 square on the roof before I could have the TranzSporter assembled, set up and ready to go.  I haven't used my TranzSporter since and it sits in our shop collecting dust!"

John Naviaux,  Project Manager

Seamless Restoration

Indianapolis, IN

"My name is George Beck.  I own a construction company in south Alabama.  My review today is not about the ShingleElevator, instead it is about the company, ShingleElevator.com. The ShingleElevator doesn't need any praise, its a great piece of equipment and does exactly what it is advertised to do.  I ordered a ShingleElevator and when I received it, it had been damaged in shipment.  I took some pictures and emailed them to the company. This was on a Saturday and I really didn't expect any reply until the next week.  Within 15 minutes Clair Ames called me on my cell phone and told me he had seen the pictures and agreed that the ShingleElevator was indeed damaged.  He told me he would send me another by Tuesday.  Low and behold at 7:00 am on Tuesday morning, Clair Ames himself was sitting in my driveway with a new ShingleElevator sitting on top of his personal truck.  He had driven over 13 hours to come and replace the damaged unit.  This is a man and a company that truly believes in customer service.  He gives a whole new meaning to the words "Made in America".  Thanks Clair, I won't forget this!"

George M. Beck

George Beck Builders

"Often times you only hear the bad news on products, but I got your ShingleElevator and used it last weekend for 48 square of shingles and WOW does it work great! Light enough to handle and just the right size to do the job. Thanks for the great product!  Now my shingling jobs will be a lot easier."


Chet Osowski,  Plant Manager

Wausau Homes

Mosinee, WI

"I got my ShingleElevator yesterday.  I used it this morning...works fantastic!  It was much faster than I expected and worked like a charm. Very impressed with the product, thanks again."

NOTE:  Jason now owns 3 ShingleElevators.


Jason Frank

Remstar Roofing

Red Deer, AB  Canada

"We love our 1 story ShingleElevator.  We have lifted about 400 square with it since we received it and it works great.  Our guys love it!  Now I need to order a 2 story model." 

NOTE:  Bob now owns 3 ShingleElevators.


Bob Simons

Integrity Building Products

Dickinson, ND

"I received my 2 story ShingleElevator and tried it out last week on a 2 story roof and was very impressed.  No flexing compared to other models I've used in the past. Amazing power!  This week I got to try the 2 story elevator on a 1 story porch roof. Works great on the low pitch.  I am very happy with my purchase!!"


Eddie Steen

Steen Construction

West Newton, PA